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State of Colorado Price Agreement

Agreement #:    42044YYY01P
State of Colorado Price Agreement
Duration of Agreement:
Period Covered: Options:
Jan 1, 2010 To Dec 31, 2022 Option to Renew for 5 More Year(s)

Commodity Code: 420-44 Dormitory and Lounge , 350-72 Flags
Commodity Description: Dormitory and Lounge Furniture (and Flags), see CCi website.  This award also includes Flags.
Department of Personnel and Administration
State Purchasing Office
1525 Sherman Street, 3rd Floor
Denver, CO   80203
    Brian Swift at  303-866-6146
email: brian.swift@state.co.us

Small Business:
Minority Owned: No Woman Owned: No
Company: Colorado Correctional Industries (CCi)   Doing Business As: Colorado Correctional Industries
Contact: CCi Sales Department Contact Email: DOC_CCI_ORDERS@state.co.us
Order Number: Kevin Conrad, 303-370-2172                                       -or-  Gina Cline, 303-370-2168 Toll Free/Cell Number: 800-685-7891  8:00am - 4:45pmMonday - Friday
Fax: 303-320-1210 Payment Terms: Net 30
Address: 4999 Oakland St. F.O.B.: Destination
City, State, ZIP: Denver, CO 80239 Delivery: Contact CCi for specific delivery arrangements.
Quote Email:

Year End Purchase Deadlines for 2016:
Hello, CCi Customers!    Attached is a memo concerning Colorado Correctional Industries' year-end purchasing deadlines and year-end delivery schedule. CCi would appreciate you sharing this information with your fiscal office, department heads, purchasing agents, and end users within your agency to assure everyone has been notified of these important dates. If you have any questions, contact Cheryl Ahumada at 719-226-4204 or our Denver Sales office staff, Gina at 303-370-2168 or Kevin at 330-370-2172.   CCi looks forward to providing your office furniture, seating and modular office systems needs. Thank you!

(See attached file: CCi- Furniture Purchase - Year End Deadlines 2016.pdf)

Cheryl Ahumada
Marketing Coordinator/Customer Relations
Colorado Correctional Industries
We Build Opportunity

P  719.226.4204  |  F  719.226.4220
2862 S. Circle Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80906
cheryl.ahumada@state.co.us  |  www.coloradoci.com


To view the Colorado Correctional Industries products and pricing: https://www.coloradoci.com


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application/pdf 32 KB CCi- Furniture Purchase - Year End Deadlines 2016.pdf
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Contract Status:

Workers' Comp: General Liability: Other Insurance: Other Insurance Description:
Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable
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This Agreement results from the following solicitation:
Number: o  C.R.S. 17-24-111(1)(a) requires that all State agencies purchase office furniture and office systems from CCi and other offered programs. o  No ''master contract", instead this Price Agreement shall display statutory term extensions as "renewals".


Amendment Number: 6
Amendment Effective On: Dec 31, 2014
Reason For Amendment:
Amendment History:
1. 01/05/2010 Annual Renewal
2. 12/30/2010 Annual Renewal
3. 12/31/2011 Annual Renewal
4. 12/31/2012 Annual Renewal
5. 12/31/2013 Annual Renewal
6. 12/31/2014  5-year renewal (per Statute for CCi programs)
6. 12/31/2014 12:00:00 PM    5-year renewal (per Statute for CCi programs)

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